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At Le Cyr Learning, we take pride in our dedicated team of educators, mentors, and visionaries, led by our founder, LeAnn Cyr. Our team’s expertise and passion for education are evident in the remarkable achievements of our learners – with 98% securing scholarships for college, showcasing their readiness for higher education and the world beyond.

98% Scholarship Success

Impacting Futures: An Impressive 98% of Le Cyr Learning Graduates Secure College Scholarships, Reflecting Our Program's Deep Commitment to Student Achievement and Success.

Most employable students

Creating the Most Employable Students: Le Cyr Learning's distinctive educational approach meticulously blends academic excellence with practical skills, ensuring our students emerge as top candidates in the competitive job market.

LeAnn Cyr, an education innovator and former Fortune 500 talent scout, brings a unique blend of professional insight and academic expertise to Le Cyr Learning. With her Master of Education in Counseling and Development from George Mason University, complemented by a rich career spanning career counseling and entrepreneurial ventures, LeAnn embodies the spirit of mentorship and leadership that we foster at Le Cyr Learning. Her vision and dedication are central to our success in crafting an environment where every student thrives.

Our Mission and Vision

At Le Cyr Learning, we believe in the boundless potential of every student, irrespective of their circumstances. Our mission is to unlock this potential by providing equitable access to quality education and innovative learning experiences. We are committed to nurturing each child’s unique talents and aspirations, offering the support, resources, and opportunities necessary to transform dreams into realities. Through a dedicated and personalized approach, we ensure every student has the tools to rise above their circumstances and embark on a journey of lifelong success and fulfillment.

Our vision is a world where every student, regardless of background, has the opportunity to excel and shape their future. We strive to be the catalyst for change in education, setting new standards for equity, innovation, and care in learning. We see a future where each student’s journey is honored and nurtured, where dreams are not just encouraged but actively fostered into fruition. At Le Cyr Learning, we don’t just teach; we empower, inspire, and transform, ensuring that every child can navigate their path to success with confidence and support.

Le Cyr learning

Together, we turn each day's learning into a lifetime of opportunity, crafting a future where every dream has the chance to soar.

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