College To Career

Our Five-Year, Academically Researched Program will Guide Students Every Step Of The Way.

College To Career Program

Curriculum Developed by a former Career Counselor and Fortune 500 Talent Scout.

Our College to Career program offers students the tools and guidance necessary for academic achievement and future career success through our personalized learning programs, career counseling, SAT prep, and entrepreneurship training. We specialize in nurturing individual talents and preparing students for future success through innovative, research-based, and student-focused educational strategies

What sets our CollegeToCareer program apart is our innovative curriculum and comprehensive support system. We don’t just prepare students for the next exam; we prepare them for life. Our program is a meticulously crafted blend of academic theory, real-world application, and personal development. We focus on nurturing each student’s inherent strengths and potential, providing them with the tools to turn their natural talents and passions into tangible success.

Module 1 : Writing Essays

Module 2 : SAT Prep

Module 3 : Crafting a Resume

Module 4: Acing an Interview

Module 5 : Starting Your Own Company

Comprehensive Educational Services for Lifelong Success

CollegeToCareer is the only program on the market that not only celebrates each student’s unique identity but also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship alongside College and Career Readiness.

CollegeToCareer doesn't just open doors; it inspires students to build new ones.

Empowering Every Learner: CollegeToCareer uniquely tailors the educational journey to unlock and amplify each student’s innate strengths, ensuring readiness for college, career, and beyond.​‘

Why Choose Us

Why choose Le Cyr Learning?

At Le Cyr Learning, we envision a future where every student has access to the resources and support needed to unlock their full potential. By enrolling in our program, you’re not just preparing for a career; you’re preparing for a future filled with opportunities and success. 

Let Le Cyr Learning be your guide to a richer educational experience. ‘

Personalized Learning Paths

Innovative Learning Solutions

Research-Based Methods

Community and Mentorship

Focus on Lifelong Success

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity

A High Achieving Multicultural Community For Learning

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