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Empowering Future Innovators: A K-12 Educational Journey Nurturing Natural Talents for Lifelong Success!

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One centralized platform for College, Career & Military Readiness

Established by former College and Career Counselor, LeAnn Cyr, M.Ed..


A good education is a foundation for a better future

We believe that every student harbors untapped potential, irrespective of their circumstances. At the core of our mission is the conviction that with the right support, resources, and opportunities, every student can craft a future rich with possibilities. We stand for the transformative power of learning, ensuring that every journey, no matter its origin, is met with the tools, care, and respect it deserves to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to turn each day’s learning into a lifetime of opportunity, crafting a future where every dream has the chance to soar.

Our Vision

We envision a today where  every child can navigate their path to success with confidence and support. each student’s journey is honored and nurtured. At Le Cyr Learning, dreams are encouraged and actively fostered into fruition. Through a dedicated and personalized approach, we ensure every student has the tools to rise above their circumstances and move forward into a journey of lifelong success and fulfillment.

We Believe That Education Is An Important Aspect In Every Person’s Life

Advancing equity through innovation and opportunities..

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CCMR Program

Career & Technical Education (CTE)




Our Learning solutions

Empowering students and schools to be college, career and military readiness.

Academic excellence
Personalized Learning Solutions

Meet our Military Readiness instructor, Dr. Steven Cyr, former Chief of Spine Surgery for the entire U.S. Air Force. Former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Steven Cyr brings his STEM expertise and his military expertise, for the first of it's kind, military readiness program.

Le Cyr Learning

Our mission is to turn each day's learning into a lifetime of opportunity, crafting a future where every dream has the chance to soar.

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Personalized Learning Paths

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Research-Based Methods

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A Good Education Starts With Great Teachers

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